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Daily Archives: September 10, 2017

‘Didn’t come to kill’: Hundreds of ISIS wives, traumatized kids stranded in UN-backed Iraqi...

The constant fear of revenge and bleak hopes of returning home are the factors that shape the lives of former wives of Islamic...

Unreliable evidence

On a government-sponsored trip, journalists uncovered evidence they were not supposed to see.

Blonde ambition

A Silicon Valley CEO reveals her secret to getting ahead in business - darkening her blonde hair, wearing glasses and dressing in loose-fitting clothes.

Creative currency

The value of modern currency comes not from what it's made of, but what we all agree it's worth.

Last to the table

In many parts of India, men and children are fed first and only then can women eat.

Hidden agenda?

Why is Russia launching a huge military exercise in Belarus? The BBC's Jonathan Marcus investigates.

Iraqi Kurds ‘prepared to draw own borders’, Barzani warns Baghdad

Kurdistan's president says Baghdad must be prepared to negotiate if Kurds vote to secede this month.

Iraqi Kurdish leader: ‘Our right to seek independence’

Iraq's Kurds are ready to draw own borders, Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani tells the BBC.

James Blunt crowd-surfs in a dinghy

The pop star ends his set in Hyde Park by surfing over the audience in a Union Jack dinghy.

Radio 2 in Hyde Park: The best bits

The star floats across the audience at London's Hyde Park, while Shania Twain makes her UK comeback.
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