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Daily Archives: September 7, 2017

Plus-size fashion week held in Lagos

It's time for plus-size women to be celebrated, say organisers of the new fashion week in Lagos.

Scots’ Electric dream

The Scottish government wants to phase out diesel and petrol cars, but what challenges will that bring?

Amazon kicks off competition for new HQ

The e-commerce giant is looking to build a second headquarters for 50,000 workers.

Fizz phenomenon

Sales of the Italian wine are soaring, but what's the secret behind its sparkling success?

Bats ‘tricked’ into flying into buildings

Scientists warn of potential hazards from modern structures with large expanses of glass or mirrors.

Massive Equifax data breach hits 143 million

Credit reporting giant said 'criminals' accessed data such as Social Security numbers and birth dates

Money machines

Could low-cost automated financial advice help close the massive retirement savings gap?

Orla Guerin: Libyan ‘hell’ for migrants

The EU wants Libya to do more on migrants but the unstable country is struggling to cope.

Hurricane Irma: Eye of the storm passes Hispaniola

The International Space Station and an advanced weather satellite capture the deadly hurricane over Earth.

Parked car leads to mass crash at Tour of Britain cycle race (VIDEO)

A parked car caused a mass pileup in the fourth stage of the annual Tour of Britain cycle race in the English town...
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