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Daily Archives: September 6, 2017

Praised but unpaid

They "saved" Nigeria from the brink of an Ebola epidemic in 2014, so why are these doctors still waiting to be paid?

Israeli jets ‘hit Syrian chemical site’

Syria says Israeli jets have hit army positions and killed two soldiers amid reports of attack on chemical site

Down on the body farm

Would British forensic science benefit from having its own outdoor laboratory to study human decomposition?

Research grants ‘boost jobs and growth’

A national study shows that R&D grants to firms significantly boosts growth and creates jobs.


Clandestine programme has helped safely resettle over 30 men and women from the Russian republic.

Toronto Film Festival: 13 films we’re looking out for

Includes Downsizing, Molly's Game, Kings, The Current War and Super Size Me 2.

Clothes that grow with your child win Dyson prize

The expanding garments fit children aged between six months and three years old.

Standing out

From red to blue, and brown to black, wearing difficult coloured clothes can affect how we are perceived in the office.

‘Humiliating’: Iranian women excluded as Syrian women watch World Cup qualifier in stadium

Iranian activist Darya Safai has described the exclusion of the country’s women from watching a home World Cup Russia 2018 qualifying match versus...

Memorial to Israelis killed at 1972 Olympics opens in Germany

A memorial to the Munich massacre, when 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were killed at the 1972 Olympic Games by the Palestinian terrorist...
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